Simple Ways to Have Better Sex

Do you want to know how to have great sex? I’m sure you will. Did you know that research shows that most women lie about how good their partners are in bed? Before the sexual event that sex begins, men don’t realize that foreplay is the key to great sex. You’ll get it, and the minute you’re good at it, you’ll change. Below are ways on how to have better sex.

Build Sexual Arousal

They need to start building their stimulation classes until they have sex. For example: when she is at work, start her stimulation sessions. You can contact her and set her up. Things like “You look warm and amazing before you do it,” followed by, “I am very interested in seeing you after work and giving you a wonderful massage. This will really turn her on.

Make Her Feel Comfortable

Within this step, you don’t want to ruin it. The most important thing is to determine where you have sex. For example: turn down the lights, turn on some perfume, put on some music, and play some songs. This will probably seduce her, get her excited when she comes home from work and turns around.

Give Her a Massage

By giving her a massage, this will prepare her. This will help her warm-up and feel comfortable. It’s a good idea to massage her slowly. The next step is to work on her body. Like her spine, chest, and thighs, it will make her get warm!

Kiss Her Slowly

Start on kissing her gently while you are still massaging her. Start by slowly licking on her back, making your way through her chest to the neck and ears. You can see she’s starting to appreciate it. This is a sign that you are able to kiss her and take some time.

Continue Oral Sex

She will be ready now. Start slowly by undressing yourselves and explore each other’s body and feel each other’s warmth. It is important when doing intercourse to not stop oral interaction. This will make things even hotter.…