Top 3 Best Turn-Based Strategy Games for iPhone

There is a lot of arcade, puzzle, action, and sports games that you can download on your iOS device using AppValley even without jailbreaking. The wonderful thing is that almost all iOS Turn-Based Strategy (TBS) games are as remarkable as PC games. I can understand how PC game players disapprove of playing a tactical game on a small screen if you have a larger LCD for a perfect view. Playing a Turn-Based Strategy game on a 5-inch touch screen is not at all disappointing.

It corrects very well within the small screen area, along with your device’s signature, making it very easy for you to move components, shoot enemies, and develop your defense strategy. Below is the top 3 of the best games that make the most of your iOS device’s touch screen to offer a satisfying gaming experience.

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Skulls of the Shogun

Skulls of the Shogun is a wonderful TBS game in tune with the underground, where the macabre samurai hearts beat out of their bodies to gain supremacy for the war. The game is fast, has great graphics and an excellent demonstration. However, Shogun’s Skulls is not a very easy game to win. The AI is smart and will create the perfect moves to ensure that your troops are defeated in the shortest time possible. There is a tutorial mode, but the real battle will start right after you tackle the basics. This is a very addictive game to finish.

Steam Pirates: Crimson

The strategy of Steam Pirates is not limited to turn-based battles. It depends on several factors, such as speed, the number of team members on a pirate ship, and add-ons such as air balloons, which provide additional support for the attack to capture enemy pirate ships. The five-star pirate combat is beautiful to a bird’s eye view and gives you complete control of your fleet. You can easily distinguish your ships from the enemy and use their capabilities to win battles.

Hitman Go

joining team mobile gameIn each mission, you will move Agent 47 from one point to another without being seen. There will be shields that will patrol a room that you could kill by sliding and eliminating from below (or both sides) or distracting them with stones or tennis balls. All missions are small puzzles in themselves, and they want players to reach a goal or complete a game in 10-15 rounds or less.…