Unique Handmade Bridal Shower Favors

Some people might think it is challenging to find a suitable gift for a bridal shower. Thus, people often read articles and recommendations, like 7 most exciting bridal shower gifts for a modern-day bride before purchasing one. In fact, there are even harder items to prepare when it comes to a bridal shower. It is the bridal shower party favors.

In this case, these items can be very challenging since most people wish to have a unique and original one to commemorate the bridal shower. Understandably, many party favors are available in stores and on websites for customization that your friends and family can appreciate. However, the uniqueness may not be as great as you wish, making you anxious and have less good night sleep in days. Thus, you might want to consider handmade bridal shower favors that will get more appreciated than hastily bought ones. Suppose you are up for these ideas. Find out more inspiration on handmade bridal shower party favors below.

Candles Bridal Shower Favors

First, you will need candles. You can buy candles in bulk to make your bachelorette party favors. You can find The Candle Factory of Grand Traverse online. You can order white tea lights in metal cups starting at 12 cents each. These tea lights can burn for up to four hours, so you can order as many as you need for your bachelorette party favors. For just 19 cents, you can purchase 9-hour votive candles if you need a longer burn time or a larger candle.

Next, you’ll need candle holders. In this case, Bell-a-Roma has a great selection, such as one for votive candles and tea lights. For bridal shower reflecting beach theme, the ceramic dolphin holders are a good choice for bridal party favors. However, crystal flower holders are a more excellent option for a fall or winter bridal shower. Suppose you want a beautiful and romantic gift for a bridal shower. Use tall flower candle holders that feature delicate pastel tulips and metallic green stems with leaves. 

Lastly, a ribbon and small photos of the couple can complete your candle favors. You can scan a picture onto your computer and print it out in any quantity. Choose a white or pastel ribbon to match the candle holders and candles. Satin ribbon works well and is easy to tie. After that, thread a thin satin ribbon through each photo and tie the ribbon around the candle holder. Now, complete your unique bachelorette party gift with the inclusion of a candle.

Mini Scrapbook Bridal Shower Favors

scrapbookThe popularity of scrapbooking rapidly grows, so make one preserve your memorable memory. The best way to do this is digital. First, go to the Oriental Trading Company website and order your matchbooks. After that, you can take pictures of the bride’s friends and scan them into your computer. Then, cut them out to fit the square with three inches scrapbook pages. If needed, crop the images to focus on the most vital moments.

Create six digital scrapbook pages using different digital papers for each page. Open windows to get a better view of your photos before pasting and framing them. Add a short note, a title, or a small embellishment. Print the digital pages you created for each favor. To make your bachelorette party favors unique and original, tie them with a ribbon.

Wooden Letters Bridal Shower Favors

Everyone in attendance at your bridal party will appreciate this unique gift. In this case, you can purchase large wooden letters at craft or home improvement stores. These letters are available in six-inch heights from Oriental Trading. The letter chosen will be the bride’s last initials. If her married name is Jones, you can purchase a letter “J” for any wedding favors. You can use scrapbooking paper, ribbon, and stickers to “unwrap” the wooden letters. When the gift is ready, tie it with a ribbon.

The Top Five iPhone Games for Your Children

Games would be the most helpful approach to keep your children active. In the era of smartphones and tablets, it has become more accessible to gain access to new gaming apps for kids. Nevertheless, not all games are as enjoyable and addictive as they seem. Some games can be useful for their cognitive development or just boosting a positive mood. The following are the top five iPhone games for your children.

Snow Farm

This game allows your children to experience the joy of growing, harvesting and making fashionable agricultural products such as cheese, wine, and sweets. Together with Snow Farm, your children can raise adorable creatures and run their farms. Even if your child has fun on the snow, he could grow alfalfa to feed the cows, promote bread and milk, or store them to bake bread and earn more money. They get various missions, and the faster they achieve the assignments, the faster they get out of the game with the bonuses.

Harry Potter: Spells – Free

If your kids admire spells, nothing could be interesting for them than this application. Along with 23 powerful magic, such as the two unforgivable curses, this enchanting sport allows children to enjoy the pleasure of this magical pair of Harry Potter. Plus, it keeps your kids informed about everything about Potter through push notifications that come directly to your iPhone. It has two control approaches, touch screen, and motion control, making the magic even more fun.

Candy Maker

Children love candy, and this game will probably enhance their love for this very reason. Nevertheless, your children will like it because they can use it to create their delicious candies. Each style is combined with interesting things, such as gummy bears, while lollipops offer decorative stickers and fashionable packaging.

Banzai Blade

If your children like to be active in fashion, Banzai Blade is exactly what you want to show them. This exceptionally successful action game from Cartoon Network sends your child into a realm of adventure where he will have fun being the ninja who challenges the powerful demons. Consequently, have your little ninja busy with this great iPhone game.

Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique

If your little princess admires the enchanted land, enchant her with this cute game that will give her a chance to show her sense of style impressively. It consists of more than 100 colors of warmer dyes and also provides different embellishments and patterns. Allow your cute little princess to become a fairy-tale fashion celebrity and prove that she can identify with her creation with this great application.…