How to Save Money When Staying in Singapore

People love to travel when they are celebrating something or during the holidays, and most of them like to explore countries and cities in Asia. Singapore is one of the most expensive cities, not only in Asia but also in the whole world, especially when it is a holiday. Travelers and migrants sometimes wonder: why find Singapore immigration experts to help them get a visa or a staying permit. It is because not all countries are allowed to enter Singapore without a travel permit.

Accommodations and everything can be a bit expensive during the holidays. But here are ways to save money when you are visiting Singapore during the holidays. The important thing is what you should know and what you should not do, where to go and what to hunt.

Use the Subway System


Save money by skipping taxis and start using the MRT. We all know that taking a cab is expensive since it is a private car. Considering your travel budget, Singapore could be flooded with taxis. When you use a taxi, other than the meter charges, there can also be surcharges during rush hours and for using the expressways, which is why it is impossible to enjoy Singapore on a budget when you always opt to use a cab when you travel.

Using the MRT, known as the Singapore subway system, will save you money. While there have been many high-profile incidents in recent decades, Singapore’s MRT platform remains one of the most powerful and economical in Asia, and one of the most affordable too.

Utilize Tourist Packages and Passes

Similar to other countries that are harnessed towards tourism, Singapore offers a variety of discount packages for tourists to enjoy their stay even if they are on a budget. There is a Singapore Tourist pass that is a one-tap-and-go card that provides unlimited rides to the subway system and buses during its validity date. These are priced for its duration period. Of course, you need to take a certain number of rides to get your money’s worth. So if you are going to travel to different places for the whole day, this pass can help you save money during your travel.


There are also bundle packages that have different tourist destinations. If you are fond of going to various tourist attractions, you can search up online for these bundle packages that can include tourist spots that you want to visit. This package can also eliminate the hassle of lining up for tickets repeatedly, saving you time and money at the same time.

Enjoy Free Singaporean Performances and Attractions

marina bay sands

There are many attractions in Singapore for people on a travel budget, and you can visit these for free! The city is located on the outskirts of the town and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They offer free musical performances on the weekends, and it is are popular among expatriates and locals, and this can be an excellent opportunity for a picnic day. Other than that, there are parks, gardens, beach fronts, that do not have an entrance free.…